What We Can Do For You

As someone seeking caregiver support in the Comox Valley, you will receive a 15 minute complimentary consultation guided by Alongside Caregiver Consulting where you will be invited to share your caregiving concerns and ask questions.  Based on your unique situation, the consultation process objectively provides a summary and suggests preliminary options.  If you wish to work with Alongside Caregiver Consulting, we can discuss which consulting package will work best for you.  As an independent small business, Alongside Caregiver Consulting can tailor the sessions to your specific needs and provide you with optimal caregiver support in the Comox Valley.   

If you feel entrenched, overwhelmed or perhaps even stuck and alone in your caregiving role – needing a non-judgmental listening ear, you may find the tools and resources provided by Alongside Caregiver Consulting provide a fresh, objective perspective to help you navigate your caregiving journey.

Our Caregiver Consulting Packages

Consultant writing in notebook sitting opposite a client

One-Hour Session

Explore coping strategies, and provide focus and clarity on your current situation. This can be a one-time session, or an as-needed session. Session will be tailored to your specific needs.

Two happy senior parents with a younger caregiver daughter

Three One-Hour Sessions

Personalize the consultations based on your immediate need and formulate a wellness plan to build momentum to enhance your caregiving journey. Sessions will be tailored to your specific needs.

Consultant with group of seniors sitting in a circle

Ten One-Hour Sessions

Customize the consultations based on your current challenges, and have the benefit of regular check-ins, while incorporating strategies to enhance your caregiving journey. Sessions will be tailored to your specific needs.

When you receive the diagnosis, what are your first steps going to be?  Alongside Caregiver Consulting offers a two-hour session to help you process the diagnosis and your feelings so you are able to get your supports and plans together for the dementia journey.

Family Emergency Plan

We are pleased to introduce the “Family Emergency Plan”. This comprehensive planning tool helps you work through the “what ifs” of unexpected crises, so you can effectively manage life, work and your caregiving responsibilities. The plan includes reference material for you to keep once your initial plan has been completed. We invite you to prepare for the unexpected by booking Alongside Caregiver Consulting for a one-hour session to work through your Family Emergency Plan, today.

Caregiver Support Group

Joining a Caregiver Support Group may be one of the best things you can do to help you navigate your caregiving journey. Monthly Support Groups for Caregivers in the Comox Valley are facilitated by Alongside Caregiver Consulting and the schedule is listed on our Facebook Page under events. The support group is a safe place for you to come and receive support from other caregivers, share your ideas or frustrations and challenges, gain insights and a sense of community so that you feel less alone.